MA Degree in English Offered at University of Limerick

MA Degree in English Offered at University of Limerick

We have just received a program flyer from Ms. Tina O'Toole, the Director of the Master's Degree Programme at the University of Limerick, Ireland. She asked that we post this flyer to encourge local college students to consider their degree. Ms. O'Toole had this to write about the program:

"I’m writing to you because you’re familiar with the scholarship and teaching track record of faculty members working in English here. While we are a small school, we’ve worked very hard to create a first class research community in English at UL and our MA programme reflects this. The chief advantage of smaller scale, of course, is that graduate students receive a lot of individual attention and this is always positively commented on in student feedback. Our key research strengths are in Irish and American literatures (chiefly fiction and poetry), although of course we do have colleagues who specialise in British and world literatures too."

"Thus far, we've had quite a number of international students on the programme - predominantly North American but also from Brazil, China, and other European countries on our programmes - as well as students from other Irish universities. The fee for non-EU students taking the programme is €10,750 (USD$12,678) for the MA, which is a 12-month full-time programme; there is a part-time version of the programme too, which sees a student complete the same number of credits across a two-year period (EU fee: €4588)."

Questions about the program can be answered by following the links on the program flyer. You can find that flyer by following this link.

Posted: to Amherst Irish Association News on Sun, Oct 15, 2017
Updated: Tue, Oct 17, 2017